Thursday, December 29, 2011

Over water and colour...

Established in 1954, our company does industrial dyeing on natural, synthetic and plant textile fibers; our plants are located in Tuscany, in the famous textile district of Prato. We realized a few years ago that small manufacturers requested more dyed fibers for their creations made of FELT, therefore we decided to combine our experience with their creativity in order to found a new project called: DYEINGHOUSEGALLERY (DHG).
The COLOUR is for sure the main element of our philosophy but also QUALITY is very important to us. On the Internet, you can find many suppliers of dyed fibers for felting, but we decided to stand out by utilizing high quality fibers in order to improve your hand-made creations in felt, making them look like real jewels.

In order to meet the demands of people working with FELT as well as casual hobbyists , we decided to offer our dyed textiles on an e-commerce website. We deal with many artisans and other customers from all over the world every day and we are very proud of this.
We offer combed and carded fibers, each one available in more than 100 colours, and we have EXTRA FINE MERINO WOOL, MAORI WOOL, BERGSCHAF WOOL, TUSSAH SILK, CASHMERE, SURI ALPACAS WOOL.  
We also made a PRE-FELT with our fantastic extra fine merino wool that we are selling by the meter. We have silk (CHIFFON e PONGEE) in various colours as well, made using NUNO FELT technique. Moreover, we introduced a few months ago the INDUSTRIAL THERMOFORMABLE FELT. Everything is 100% made in Italy.
When someone claims that our strength is in colour, though this is undeniably true, we answer that nonetheless the real ace up our sleeve is our passion: the passion for our job, for textile, for tradition of our city Prato, expression of Italian creativity since 1200. But it is also confidence in the future. LET’S COLOUR THE WORLD!!

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