Thursday, March 29, 2012

List of finalists out!

Main Street is now conveying the list of the 20 finalists, chosen from 249 participants to the public competition “DHG Art Factory, Prize for contemporary art”, intended to promote contemporary art and strengthen the link between industry and territory , in the name of research and creativity.
 “Quality, research, coherence with the subject, innovation and the state of being contemporary” as indicated in the announcement of public competition, (Article n. 11), were the basic judging critiria to pick out the finalists. The managers of the company declare:  “Just like the strenght of our materials , usable at any latitude, we chose the works with an immediate communicative strenght, able to join textile tradition – that is where we come from – together with our vision of this job, because Dyeinghousegallery is a work in progress that loves different cultural influences. We get convinced and seduced by what is new and different, by original points of view, because we want to develop and change, following new inspirations. It was a difficult selection, but what matters is that, whatever the professional Jury will decide, it will be definitely satisfactory, since each and every work has a strong personality. They were so satisfactory for us as to cherish the idea of proposing future cooperations to many of those artists”
 The 19 projects, selected by the Company, together with Anna Luana Tallarita’s – voted by ondine users, will be judged by a professional Jury, conprised of Gaia Gualtieri (Managing Director  of Main Street Srl) , Francesco Funghi (Director of the Vault Contemporary Art Gallery), Lorenzo Giusti (Curator of EX3 Centro per l’Arte Contemporanea Firenze), Livia Savorelli (Editorial Manager of Espoarte Contemporary Art Magazine) and Massimiliano Tonelli (Director of Artribune). By April 24th they will decide who the winner is. The publication on will have to be considered official .
“DHG Art Factory, Prize for contemporary art” constitutes just the first of a series of initiatives that will make DHG - dyeinghousegallery brand ( meet the art and culture world, new ideas and possible links between industry and creativity.
The finalists are: Ben Brown, Richard Biancalani, Francesca Bruni, Bunker108, Carlo Colli, Fausto Della Villa, diLo - Eugenia, Di.Segno studio creativo, Daniele Fabiani, Ettore Favini, Giulia Gaccione, Dario Paolo Insabella, Lato Zanetti, Kate McCarthy, Franco Menicagli, Elena Piccolboni, Nicoletta Scilimati, Alessia Silvestrelli, Spogo and Anna Luana Tallarita.

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